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The Third Sexual Revolution is coming. And we are leading it. 

Our Mission

Adamo’s mission is to empower individuals and couples to cultivate healthy, fulfilling, and satisfying intimate lives by providing comprehensive and evidence-based intimacy education and tools for deepening human connection and leading a longer, healthier life.

We harness the scientific potential of love to make it available for healing, connection, and self-actualization. The Adamo Method launched in 2024 with 110 individuals and over 40 pioneering couples who are taking part in our clinical study. These people will be among the first to discover how to enrich their lives with deeper, transformative intimacy using science. Stay tuned for the results of our study!

We are on a mission to spark a third sexual revolution - with a foundational emphasis on:

  • Unveiling the impact of love and intimacy on longevity.

  • Prioritizing the family and community as fundamental building blocks of a thriving society. 

  • Recognizing the darkness and the light within each person.   

  • Holding our bodies sacred.   

  • Creating physical safety and safety through verbal and embodied consent.

  • Overcoming disconnection through expanded states of consciousness.

  • Overcoming shame and embracing erotic individuation and sovereignty.

  • Emphasizing interpersonal trust, authentic human connection and de-commodifying intimacy.

  • Healing the divide between the sexes and creating equal access to pleasure. 

Our Vision

Adamo’s vision is to spark a revolution in human connection. We aim to show that love is embodied medicine that enhances longevity and awakens a healthier, happier, and more resilient world - one in which intimacy is the undisputed force for human flourishing. 

Studies have shown that individuals in loving and supportive relationships experience numerous health benefits. Those include lower cortisol, reduced blood pressure, and immune system resilience thanks to oxytocin released during intimacy. Moreover, the emotional security and connection fostered by love can lead to better mental health outcomes, including reduced anxiety and depression. 

We at Adamo envision a world where love is anchored as a key pillar of our healthcare, and human connection is an integrated part of modern medicine.

Meet Our Experts

Adamo. From Latin:
To love passionately, ardently, deeply, earnestly, greatly, truly.

Imagine a world where human intimacy,

nature’s most potent medicine, 

is the most sought-after source of our flourishing. 

Adamo exists to make this our reality.

Where we challenge status quo thinking,

activate authentic intimacy,

celebrate sexuality freely,

embracing individuality and establishing interpersonal trust

in all its complexity and beauty.

We support the full spectrum of the human experience,

with all of its shadows and light,

from shame to the bliss of surrender,

from pain to peak orgasmic splendor.

We champion connection as the ultimate alchemical agent,

inviting heightened desire, arousal, and pleasure,

ripe with euphoric potential before,

unleashed to be relished after.

And we do it all in the spirit of revolutionary love,

safely breaking down antiquated barriers,

radically liberating how we relate to ourselves and our partners,

and leading us to live healthier, and fuller lives. 

The Adamo Manifesto

Our Maniesto
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