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Your science-backed program to better sex and greater love.

Adamo is a sexual wellness company dedicated to pioneering the science of love-making to help dysfunction and optimize sexual health.

Better Sex Through Science

With the help of science,  we have doubled our lifespan in the last century. Now that we know how to live longer, it's time we solve how to love longer.

Close personal relationships are the greatest factor influencing health, longevity and happiness.

Close, positive relationships are key to long-term health, longevity, quality of life, and happiness. Recent studies show that high-quality romantic relationships can slow aging, while lower-quality bonds can accelerate it. Sexual satisfaction is linked to happiness, meaning in life, and relationship satisfaction. Improving relationship quality could prevent or delay chronic disease and slow aging. 


People are disconnected from their partners, from their bodies, and from themselves.


15-20% of US marriages are sexless (<10 times/year), leading to decreased intimacy, resentment, infidelity, and even divorce.


30% of men and 40% of women of all ages report having sexual problems such as low desire, reduced arousal or erection, pain with sex or challenges with achieving orgasm.


Over half of men and women globally are dissatisfied with their physical & emotional aspects of their sexual relationships.

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45% of female study participants that completed the program saw improvements in orgasm.*

* Preliminary Study Results - Pending Peer Review.

The solution to disconnection is felt connection.

We use a mind-heart-body protocol to enhance sexual satisfaction and love through the science of erotic intelligence, leading to healthier and happier relationships.

This program has helped ordinary couples work through relationship difficulties, reigniting passion and strengthening their bonds. The Adamo Method can help you overcome:

Relationship Struggles

  • Poor sexual communication with your partner

  • Limited sexual skills or repertoire

  • Overall relationship dissatisfaction

Mental Blocks

  • Sex feels more performative than embodied

  • Negative thoughts or anxiety about sex

  • Difficulty relaxing or being present during intimacy

Emotional Barriers

  • Lack of sexual confidence

  • Feelings of shame

  • Intimacy issues or decreased passion

Physical Difficulties

  • Trouble with arousal, lubrication, or erections

  • Pain during sex or difficulty experiencing pleasure

  • Unsatisfying orgasms or inability to reach climax

The Adamo Method helps couples improve their intimacy, arousal, and relationships

Our 9 week protocol was designed to be integrated into people's everyday lives, and has shown significant positive results.

Couple in Sea

Discover Optimal Sexual Health

Discover optimal sexual health through comprehensive sex education, exploration and communication, enhancing pleasure, and overcoming challenges for sustainable results.

Healthy Relationships

Comprehensive Sex Education

Exploration and Communication

Enhancing Pleasure

Inclusive Environment


Holistic Approach

Overcome Challenges

Sustainable Results

"For years, I struggled to open up and truly enjoy sex, but this program gave me the permission and tools I needed. I feel like a new woman—confident, sexy, and ready to have fun! The intimate connection I now have with myself has blossomed into a deeper, more joyful relationship with my husband. Adamo has saved my marriage and brought me a sense of peace and self-assurance I never thought possible."

"Adamo has saved my marriage"

"Despite thinking we had no issues with penetrative intercourse, Adamo revealed areas we hadn't even realized needed attention. Now, my partner and I have discovered new ways to play and connect. She can touch herself and allow me to touch her in ways that were previously off-limits. The physicality of our relationship was already strong, but now our emotional and relational connectedness has soared. My sexual confidence has reached new heights, and the peace I feel inside is profound."

"My sexual confidence has reached new heights"

my spirit, heart, and breath. This program has made me more aware of my body and has enhanced my intimacy with both myself and my partner. The concept of embodied consent has not only transformed our sexual relationship but also our everyday interactions. Hearing my partner express his true desires is a huge turn-on and makes me feel safe and secure. Adamo has helped him feel comfortable expressing his needs, and our communication has never been better. I am smiling, singing, and in an incredible mood—thank you, Adamo!"

"Adamo taught me that my sexuality is unique and starts from within - 

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