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Deeper intimacy and healthier relationships with the science of human connection.

The quality of our relationships is the most significant indicator of the quality of our lives. 

Above smoking, drinking, exercise and a healthy diet; our relationships have the greatest impact on the length and health of our lives.


However, more than ever, we are disconnected from each other, ourselves and our bodies. We are detached from our ability to feel pleasure, to communicate our desires and to connect through our hearts and bodies.


We all seek love, deep bonds and access to pleasure. We crave intimacy that has the ability to transform us and strengthen our relationship. We know it, yet we struggle to find it. Where do we go to learn how to have deeper relationships and more pleasure?


Enter Adamo.

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The Adamo Method is an innovative intimacy program for couples. 

Sex therapy hasn’t been reinvented since the 1960s.

We decided it was time. 

The Adamo Method teaches a new way; one that not only increases physical pleasure but cultivates a new level of connection and intimacy with your partner.


Our proprietary method includes tools and exercises for both the individual and couple in a beautiful digital space. With top experts in the fields of medicine, psychology, and somatic therapy, we ensure a safe and supported environment throughout the entire journey.


We say goodbye to disconnected, friction-based intercourse and hello to the power of genuine human connection and blissful intimacy on every level.

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