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The Adamo Method: Transforming Love and Sexual Health

Transform your intimate relationships with the 9-week Adamo Method. Our program guides you through five phases, from psychosexual preparation to deeper connections with your partner, for a healthier and more fulfilling love life.

The Adamo Method: A 9-Week Journey to Sexual Health

The Adamo Method is a transformative 9-week protocol designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily life. Here's what to expect:


Phase 1: Psychosexual Preparation

Prepare your nervous system for the journey ahead.


Phase 2: Non-Penetrative Play

Focus on verbal communication, consent, and body mechanics to generate sensation.


Phase 3: Penetration

Learn how to be an "active" giver and/or "active" receiver.


Phase 4: Suction Sensation

Master the sensation of suction during penetration.


Phase 5: Integration and Connection

Deepen your connection with continued practice, communication, and shared responsibility for arousal.


Transformative Results Using
the Adamo Method

Healthy Relationships

Build relationships based on respect, trust, and open communication for deeper connections.

Enhancing Pleasure

Discover science-backed techniques to elevate sexual satisfaction and intimacy.

Comprehensive Sex Education

Empower yourself with knowledge about anatomy and embodied consent or fulfilling sex.

Inclusive Environment

Celebrate diversity in a non-judgmental space respecting all orientations and identities.

Exploration & Communication

Foster honest communication about desires and boundaries for a satisfying experience.


Develop a regulated nervous system for a balanced, fulfilling sex life.

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86% of participants reported improvements in sexual satisfaction after completing the Adamo Method.*

* Preliminary Study Results - Pending Peer Review.
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Weeks Outlined

Welcome: Foundational Knowledge.

Get oriented to the course, assess your starting point, develop an erotic mindset, maintain a healthy body, establish healthy relationship dynamics.

Week 3: Pelvic Floor Breathing

Learn the purpose and techniques of pelvic floor breathing. Practice pelvic floor breathing alone and with a partner, followed by reflections to deepen your understanding and experience of pelvic floor breathing.

Week 1: Blocks to Arousal and Penetration

Connect heart and genitals through Heart Genital Meditation. Counter self-sabotage and reduce fears for intimacy. Learn about hormones and nervous system for sexual wellbeing. Enhance relaxation and readiness for intimacy with self-soothing techniques.

Week 4: Harmonizing for Intimacy

Learn techniques for harmonizing intimacy and understanding consent. Engage in Hug and Sensual Touch Games to foster intimacy and connection through touch and affection.

Week 2: Confidence & Curiosity

Boost body love and sexual confidence with Body Love Meditation. Learn specialized breathing techniques to enhance erotic confidence and recognize arousal cues. Transform penetration anxiety into excitement and create a safe, consensual space for sexual activities.

Week 5: Hip Coordination

Learn and practice hip coordination skills to improve physical intimacy and connection.

Week 6: Goals & Blocks for Entry

Learn pelvic floor sucking and angling techniques for entry, focusing on the vagina and anus, to enhance comfort and pleasure during penetration.

Week 7: Managing Weight for Movement

Discover techniques for managing weight and movement during intimacy. Practice grinding with clothes on to improve your movement and connection during sexual activity.

Week 8: Mastering Sexual Movements

Discover techniques for managing weight and movement during intimacy. Practice grinding with clothes on to improve your movement and connection during sexual activity.

Week 9: Enhancing Sexual Confidence

Enhance sexual experiences with solo and partnered genital mapping. Learn techniques to increase pleasure and connection. Follow-up assessments to review progress and.

Welcome to Deeper Connections and Better Sex. See How You've Improved with Customized Results.

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Is the Adamo Method Right for You?

Who is this not for? 

  • Those considering divorce and looking for a "Hail Mary" to save their relationship

  • Anyone who has to convince or coerce their partner to join the program. If your partner is joining begrudgingly, just to make you happy, this program is not for you. 

  • Couples or individuals looking for a "quick fix"

  • Anyone who has been diagnosed with sexual dysfunction, psychiatric illness, pelvic floor problems, or neurological conditions who is not currently under the care of a doctor or therapist

  • Individuals who do not feel safe in their relationship

  • Folks who have recent, sexual trauma

  • You are in a new relationship and are unsure if you want to develop deeper romantic feelings with a new partner

  • You don't want deeper intimacy, romance or emotional closeness with your partner

The Adamo Method vs Traditional Sex Therapy

The Adamo Method
Sensate Therapy
Focuses on pelvic floor breathing
Not emphasized
Embodied consent, reframing trauma, enhancing sexual confidence
Focuses on mindful sensual touch
Approach to Sex
Sex is a skill to be learned and improved
Initially "off the table"
Redefines and enhances orgasm
Not a primary focus
Specific protocol for skillful techniques
Gradually introduced, if at all
Treating sexual dysfunction and optimizing sexual health
Treading dysfunction
Based on research and careers of Dr. Saida Desilets, Aaron Michael, MA., and Dr. Molly Maloof, MD.
Based on Masters and Johnson's original work (1960s)
Includes follow-up assessments
9 weeks
Several months
Emphasis on Sexual Pleasure
Only emphasis is sensual touch
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Experience Better Sex Through Science

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