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We're on a mission to empower individuals and couples to cultivate healthy, fulfilling, and satisfying sexual lives.

We provide comprehensive and evidence-based sex therapy, education, and tools for deepening human connection and leading a life of sexual ecstasy.

Unleashing the Power of Intimacy for a Healthier, Happier Life

We are revolutionizing the understanding and power of love. We aim to prove that love is measurable, modifiable, and essential for healing. We believe that love, both a personal experience and a scientific phenomenon, significantly impact health, longevity, and well-being. Our goal is to awaken a world that embraces love as a force for positive transformation.

Providing Comprehensive and Evidence-Based Sex Therapy

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals and couples to cultivate healthy, fulfilling, and satisfying sexual lives by providing comprehensive and evidence-based sex therapy, education and tools for deepening human connection and leading a life of sexual ecstasy.

Our Ethos

At Adamo, we believe in the power of love to heal and promote overall well-being through a holistic approach to sexual wellness. Join us on our journey towards a future where love is celebrated and individuals thrive in their relationships.

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Our Team


Molly Maloof,  MD

Founder & CEO

Dr. Molly is passionate about extending healthspan through her medical practice, personal brand, entrepreneurial and educational endeavors. She provides personalized medicine to world class entrepreneurs, investors, and technology executives in Silicon Valley and beyond. Since 2012, she has worked as an advisor or consultant to over 50 companies in the digital health, consumer health, and biotechnology industries, supporting them in clinical strategy, product development, clinical research and scientific marketing. Molly Maloof is on the frontier of personalized medicine, digital health technologies, and scientifically-based wellness products and services. In 2023, she published her first book,The Spark Factor, with Harper Wave Books. Prior to founding Adamo Bioscience, she taught a pioneering course on healthspan at Stanford University Medical School.


Dr. Saida Desilets

Advisor & Co-Creator of the Adamo Method

Dr. Desilets is an international advocate for conscious, integrated sexuality through the understanding of our Erotic Genius. 

Saida teaches women of all ages how to reconnect with their essential "sensual energy”. Author of the books Emergence of the Sensual WomanDesire and her dissertation Investigation of the Désilets Method and its Effect on the Psychosexual Health of Women. She has contributed to Christiane Northrup (MD), author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and The Secret Pleasures of Menopause along with The MultiOrgasmic Woman and Body Wise by Dr. Abrams. In addition she has collaborated with Braintap and Cabau amongst various other advisory and creator roles. ​

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Chloe Deutscher, BSc.

Head of Product 

Chloe is a creative developer who has dedicated her career to the intersection of science, consciousness, and mental health. Chloe has spent 6 years working in and building start-ups spanning across the neuroscience, psychedelic, and supplement/wellness space. Chloe is the former Director of Business Development at Psygen, a manufacturer of cGMP psychedelics for use in clinical trials and research. She holds dual degrees in Biology and Chemical Engineering.

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Nadia Van der Heyden

Chief Operating Officer

Nadia is a high-performing leader and relationship expert, specializing in sales, business development, and team facilitation across multiple industries. Exceptional in operational logistics, she has been the Chief Operating Officer of three of Dr. Molly's companies for the past year. With extensive experience in life sciences, Nadia has been pivotal in start-up development, notably as the first employee at Psygen Labs Inc. Her previous career as a Critical Care Flight Paramedic and International Disaster Logistics Consultant has honed her decision-making and interpersonal skills. Additionally, she has significantly contributed to medical rescue operations in Haiti, enhancing the pre-hospital care system and leading earthquake response efforts.


Aaron Michael, MA

Advisor & Co-Creator of the Adamo Method

Aaron Michael is a sex coach and author dedicated to the "wholistic" empowerment of people and couples to lead fruitful and fulfilling sex lives. Author of Optimal Sex Life: An Exercise Book for De-Armoring and Tantric Sex, An Enactive Approach to Courtship Study, Enactive, Schematic Behavioral Patterns Leading Toward Attachment in Male Pickup and various online courses pioneering the new sexual technique "Suction Sex".

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Nessi Lopez

Executive Assistant & Creative Team

Nessi is a dynamic and evolving marketing professional with a degree in Marketing. She began her journey with Hard Rock Café in Caracas, Venezuela, and subsequently moved to an advertising agency where she collaborated with various brands. Currently, she is a freelancer working as the Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator for the Mexico Open at Vidanta, a tournament on the PGA Tour. To further expand her expertise, she has also taken on work with Adamo.

Research Team

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Tommaso Barba,

Clinical Researcher

Tommaso is a PhD candidate at the Imperial College London, currently supervised by Dr David Erritzoe and Prof David Nutt. Tommaso's research is focused on understanding the brain effects of short-acting psychedelics and the potential role of novel drugs for wellbeing and human flourishing. Tommaso is particularly interested in the effects of various pharmacological or holistic interventions on sexual wellbeing and couples’ intimacy. He has a background in neuroscience and psychoanalysis, and he has been involved in research since September 2020.


Hindy Friedman

Program Manager

Hindy is a premed student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Psychology. As the current program manager at Adamo Bioscience, she is dedicated to bringing the next generation of health optimization and sexual healing  through the use of cutting-edge tools, including AI technology. Prior to her role as a program manager, Hindy acted as a Senior Research Intern at Adamo, conducting research on the interplay between loneliness, metabolic illness, and mental health. Additionally, she has experience as a consultant, providing assistance to startups with operational and HR management, and as a tutor, helping high school students excel in math and science.


Aleksandra Wingert. MSc.

Clinical Researcher

Aleksandra is a PhD candidate at the Imperial College London. Her research journey revolves around the intriguing realm of the effects of novel pharmacological micro-dosing on individuals with mood problems. Through empirical methodologies, she explores the impact of tiny doses of psychedelics on mood, psychological flexibility, and physiological outcomes, including heart rate variability (HRV) and sexual functioning. Her research extends to examining the therapeutic potential of these novel drugs for female sexual function and their influence on neuroplasticity in mental health disorders. With a passion for scientific inquiry, she strives to uncover the long-term effects of psychedelics on HRV, contributing to advancements in mental well-being.


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Sue Carter, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Sue Carter is a highly esteemed academic and researcher with a remarkable career dedicated to the study of human behavior and relationships. As the Rudy Professor Emerita of Biology and Former Executive Director of the Kinsey Institute, Dr. Carter has made significant contributions to advancing our understanding of human sexuality and the complexities of interpersonal connections. Currently serving as a Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia and a Distinguished University Scientist at Indiana University, her expertise and influence extend across prestigious academic institutions. Sue Carter's extensive body of work includes authoring over 400 publications and editing 5 books, including the influential "Attachment and Bonding: A New Synthesis." Her scholarly contributions have had a profound impact on the field, shaping our understanding of attachment, bonding, and the intricate dynamics of human relationships. With her vast knowledge, research achievements, and esteemed positions, Sue Carter continues to inspire and drive progress in the field of psychology and the study of human behavior. 

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Helen Fisher, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Helen Fisher is an esteemed expert in the field of love and relationships, specializing in the interplay between biology and emotions. As a world-renowned neurobiologist of love, she offers a unique perspective on the complexities of human connections. Currently serving as a Senior Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute, Indiana University, Helen Fisher's dedication to understanding human behavior and relationships remains steadfast. Her role as Chief Science Advisor at showcases her commitment to applying scientific knowledge to online dating, helping individuals forge meaningful connections in the digital age. As a Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at NeuroColor, Helen Fisher seamlessly integrates scientific insights with practical applications, providing invaluable expertise in understanding human behavior across various contexts. With a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Colorado Boulder, she is widely recognized as an authority in her field.

John Michael Collins

Ally Feduccia, PhD

Brian Earp ,PhD

Ryan Howard

Barry Komisaruk, PhD

Antoun Nabhan

Jivan Achreja

Noa Kahner

Irwin Goldstein, MD


Adam Gazzaley, MD

Tom Chi

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Discover optimal sexual health through comprehensive sex education, exploration and communication, enhancing pleasure, and overcoming challenges for sustainable results.

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